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about artkraft
Throughout neon's golden age, Artkraft Strauss created one-of-a-kind spectacular displays—icons in the popular imagination. We're best known for our work in Times Square.

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Coca Cola 1992
TWA 1956
Wrigley's Gum 1937
Camel 1960s
Miss Youth Form 1947
Kleenex 1952
Bond 1950
New Years Eve Ball Lowering Rehearsal 1986
Canadian Club, Admiral 1953
Planter's Peanuts 1937

Now, building on our century of success, Artkraft Strauss offers full-service sign consultation. Our design, development and project management teams can do it all—from conceiving your sign to guiding and assuring its expert execution.

Our archive is an outstanding resource for those interested in signs, sign history, advertising, urban culture, and great design.

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